US politics updates: Reports of pre-emptive pardons for Donald Trump’s children concern Biden ‘a great deal’, as it happened

Key events

Live updates

That’s it for the blog today folks!

More of your memorable moments

More from that Biden-Harris interview

Your memorable moments

My most memorable moment

The Biden-Harris interview has a bunch of interesting nuggets

It’s been four weeks since election day

Harris settles the what-do-we-call-Doug debate

What’s the go with the pardons?

Donald Trump’s first sign of electoral trouble was on his doorstep

Three former presidents commit to COVID-19 vaccine

Sometimes we don’t get all the answers we want

The President can give the medal to whoever they want

Post-presidential careers

Pennsylvania courts refuse injunction stopping certification

Biden’s doesn’t have to look far for style inspiration

What’s happening in Nevada

Harris was asked about charging Trump after he left office

Biden says reports of pre-emptive pardons concern ‘me a great deal’





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